Compare Borderlinx and MyUS package forwarders

So you want the latest European fashion from your favourite online store and you want it delivered to Australia? You want the new Apple iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6) and you want it delivered to Dubai. Or India? We're comparing Borderlinx vs MyUs!

You've tried the local stores and they're good but, not good enough.

There is only one thing for it. You have to use worldwide shipping! Unfortunately the shops you like don't deliver overseas. I know, dinosaurs, right?

Get a USA shopping address

No need to worry you can use an overseas address and package forwarding company. A what, I hear you say! A company who will give you a shipping address in, say, the USA and when you have bought your shopping and had it delivered to them, they will then forward it on to you where ever in the world you are (almost everywhere, anyway). 

There are lots, we even have a list of the best package forwarders here. Browse and use the list to compare their services and features. You will find the one that is best for you for your shipping and shopping needs. Consolidation, holding times, repackaging, shipping rates, etc..

Here though, we are going to focus on two, compare Borderlinx.com, and MyUS.com, features and service levels. Two of the biggest and most well known package forwarders and USA shopping address providers in the biz. So, here goes.

Borderlinx v MyUS.com which is best? A comparison.

Where are they based?

Borderlinx is headquartered in Belgium in the EU, but their USA shipping address in is Ohio. MyUS has a shipping address in Florida and is a US company. This means that you will have to pay sales tax of 7% for Florida and 7.25% for Ohio.

One nil to MyUS.

What is their registration fee?

It is free to register with Borderlinx. MyUS has a sliding scale of fees, $10, $20 or $35 depending upon which service you want.

One all!

Membership fees?

Again, like the registration fee it is free at Borderlinx, and MyUS has a scale $7 or $25 a month.

Borderlinx moves into the lead, two one.

Will they consolidate and repackage my items?

Consolidation is combining multiple package into one to cut shipping costs, Borderfree don't do it and MyUS do fit or free. Repackaging into smaller parcels, which is similar to consolidating, but will be done even if there aren't multiple packages, is a service offered for free by both.

So, MyUS wins this round, two all.

How long will I get free package storage for?

MyUS and Borderlinx both offer free storage for 30 days. After then you will have to pay something for a while. Normally after about 60 days if you haven't sent instructions about forwarding the items are destroyed.

An even round here, three all.

What about payment, can I pay with Paypal?

You can pay Borderlinx with Paypal, but you can't pay MyUS using PayPal, unfortunately.

Another round to Borderlinx four three.

Can I pay with Bitcoin?


Still four three.

Which shipping companies do they use?

MyUS uses three, USPS, DHL and Fedex, Borderlinx only uses one, DHL only.

And that's the end of the contest, a point for MyUS.com - the score is a draw at four all. 

There are other things to take into consideration, like customer service, pictures of your purchases, price of shipping, concierge service and more, but our contest shows that there is not much in it looking at the features we compared. You should keep researching them by comparing everything you will actually use them for and see which stacks up best for you and your shopping, after all, all shoppers and delivery will be different. In fact you may find using one for some shopping and the other for different purchases works out best too!

Either way, happy international shopping!

Find out more and leave MyUS reviews, or Borderlinx reviews in the comments section below.

Which countries do they ship to?

Both will ship globally.

Coming up next time, we will compare USGoBuy v Shipito.




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