Privacy General.

myinternationalshopping.com has a firm commitment to your privacy, and takes every reasonable precaution to safeguard the information you supply.

Data Protection Act.

myinternationalshopping.com are aware of its obligations under data protection legislation and is committed to carrying these out in accordance with all applicable laws in England.

Data to be Collected and Uses of the Data.

myinternationalshopping.com collects data about you, your interests and the subjects you would like to receive communications about. This information is used to determine what information, products and services we will communicate with you about.

Provision of Your Data to Third Parties.

The data you provide to myinternationalshopping.com is held by myinternationalshopping.com in a central database operated myinternationalshopping.com and only accessible by myinternationalshopping.com. The process of supplying you with this information is at all times under the control of myinternationalshopping.com although specialist third party suppliers carry out the dispatch of communications.

Use of External Suppliers.

myinternationalshopping.com may from time to time use third party suppliers to provide all or part of a service to you. myinternationalshopping.com shall only be entitled to supply such of your personal information as is necessary to enable them to provide the relevant service to you. You should be aware that such outside service providers might be based in countries outside the European Union whose laws provide for a different standard of protection for your personal data than that provided under English law. In such circumstance myinternationalshopping.com will have in place contractual arrangements which will require your data to be processed at least to a standard compliant with the Data Protection Act 1988.


You may at any time deregister or unsubscribe from myinternationalshopping.com. Provisions will be made every time we communicate with you, and from this website. Deregistering will mean that you will no longer receive any further communication from myinternationalshopping.com.

Use of Your Data for Analytical and Statistical Purposes.

Your data together with that of other subscribers to myinternationalshopping.com may be aggregated at postcode or other levels for the building of statistical and analytical tables. At no time will your data be individually identifiable in such tables.

Legal Requirements.

To provide data except as provided above, myinternationalshopping.com will not provide your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, however, under certain circumstances the force of law may require the provision of information to the legal authorities. In order to maintain the integrity of its website and safeguard the interests of its subscribers myinternationalshopping.com will comply with any such legally binding request.

Security Of The Internet.

The Internet is not a 100% secure medium for communication and, accordingly myinternationalshopping.com cannot guarantee the security of any information you send to myinternationalshopping.com via the Internet. myinternationalshopping.com is not responsible for any loss or damage you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information.

Special offers and competitions.

Any operated or sponsored by myinternationalshopping.com maybe subject to their own terms and privacy policies. These will be available at the point of entry. Entry into a competition sponsored by myinternationalshopping.com may necessitate supplying your details to third parties. You are obliged to read all terms and conditions before entering into a competition.

Further Information.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of myinternationalshopping.com or require any further information please send your request by the Contact form.

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